Honey is ...

Energizing food 90%
Beneficial for the control of blood sugar 93%
Beneficial for the stomach 85%
Check the weight 84%
Beneficial for heart and blood 93%
Antibiotic support 93%
Relieves cough 95%
Beneficial for skin 95%
Beneficial for intestine 85%
Beneficial in daily consumption 93%

1. Honey is an energizing element

A healthy diet and adequate sleep are the best recipe for energy without limits, but if you are looking for an immediate energy supply, such as before or after a workout, honey can be useful. For example, for athletes looking for a "fuel released over time", honey is a good option for long-term energy.

2. Honey is beneficial for glycemic control

Scientists indicate that consumption of raw honey can improve blood sugar levels when compared to other sweeteners. Honey tolerance is definitely better than sucrose or glucose

3. Honey is beneficial for the stomach

Used in the treatment of gastritis, duodenitis and gastric ulcer caused by bacteria and rotavirus. It helps to repair damaged intestinal mucosa, stimulates the growth of new tissues and acts as an anti-inflammatory agent.  

4. Honey controls weight

It has a higher sweetening power than sugar and has a lower caloric value. According to studies carried out on mice, weight increases slightly in species fed with natural honey compared to those fed with sucrose and mixed sugars. Weight growth, on the other hand, is the same for those fed with honey and those with a sugar-free diet.

5. Honey is beneficial for heart and blood

Fresh honey produces a reduction in blood fats, homocysteine ​​levels and CRP protein. Useful in cases of diabetes and cholesterol.

6. Honey is an antibiotic support

It has an adverse effect on about 60,000 bacteria such as aerobes and anaerobes, gram positive and gram negative.

7. Honey relieves cough

Natural remedy to be preferred to some medicines because it can decrease nocturnal cough in children and eliminate sleep disorders associated with URIs.

8. Honey is beneficial for the skin

Antibiotic and antifungal action of some honeys in curing wounds and ulcers of the skin. Honey promotes the healing process and eliminates the infection. It has a cleaning effect, stimulates tissue regeneration and reduces inflammation.

9. Honey is beneficial for the intestine

Prebiotic food that promotes the development of beneficial micro-organisms in the intestine known as "lactic bacteria". Reduces the toxic effects of microtoxins produced by fungi. The effects of honey in the intestine occur in one free of pesticides, antibiotics and pesticides.

10. Honey is beneficial in daily consumption

Daily consumption of fresh quality honey increases serum iron, improves blood counts, decreases immonoglobulin E, fasting liver and muscle enzymes and fasting blood sugar.