Who we are?

Sileoni beekeeping firm was established amidst the rolling hills that characterize the amazing multicolor scenery of the Marche region at the end of the nineteenth century. Beekeeping has been a common practice amongst farmers for the past one hundred years and, by turning their passion into a profession, the Sileonis have specialized in beekeeping whilst striving hard to bring together two key objectives for both manufacturing amd agriculture companies - quality and identity. Ever since the local aristocratic Giustiniani Bandini family presented our ancestors with a precious gift - a book on beekeeping, which would be handed down over generations including great-grandfather Nazzareno, bees have been at the core of our business since 1878, which comes to over one hundred years now. Our beehives are located in pristine areas, a long way from polluting sources, all our honey types are tested and certified by accredited laboratories and packaged by means of cutting edge technology. Our beehives yield selected harvest allowing for the widest range of honey, including Multifloral, Acacia, Chestnut, Lime tree, Sunflower, Italian sainfoin, Honeydew and last but not least, Multifloral Mountain honey harvested at over 600m a.s.l. with its exquisite aroma and unmistakable flavour alike. When the sugar did not exist, the jams were prepared by mixing the fruit, restricted to the fire with honey in order to obtain proper preservation. For some years the beekeeping Sileoni produces a jam as it was done once, mixing honey and fruit of the highest quality, thus obtaining a successful product and much appreciated by consumers. The type of fruit ranges from berries to pomegranate, from blackberry to lemon, from blueberry to mandarin orange, green apple and peach. The company also produces packages of honey with the pecularity of indicating the combinations with the related cheeses, giving the possibility to the consumer to get a quick, healthy and genuine meal - this is almost the exclusive of the Tolentino-based Sileoni beekeeping firm.

The future doesn't collapse

On August 24th 2016, the earthquake brought all of the Macerata hinterland to its knees, including us. Serious damage was reported to the leading company in the production of quality honey so that the roof of the former Church of Peace that housed the laboratories has collapsed. Works of entire generations under the rubble but with the determination and the fighting spirit of the company it was possible to find a new arrangement and therefore a new future.